IWD 2020: “I Don’t Care”

Be a “lady” or don’t.

Curse if you want to. Spit if you need to.

Wear lipstick and heels, or wear flannels and Blundstones, I don’t care.

Be courageous.

Be a slut, or keep your body to yourself; it’s yours to do with what you want.

Be emotional, even when society is telling you not to.

Fight the patriarchy.

Dislike your extra flab, but love your body, as she is your temple and she got you here.

Don’t explain or feel you need to justify yourself.

Drive a truck, or a sexy convertible, I don’t care.

Have one lover, multiple lovers, or no lovers at all.

Go for the CEO position, and don’t care who you piss off.

Be a mother, raise your children, and raise them in power.

Be a woman of the universe, and connect with her divinity, as she has some secrets for you.

Be M2F, trans, cross-dressing, stuff your crotch, bind your breasts, take hormones, I don’t care.

Be the woman who builds bridges not creates moats between you and other women.

Be an ally.

Be a bitch.

Be a whore.

I don’t care.

Be shameless and unapologetic.

Speak up when you need to and silence your silencers.

Make connections with women who are different than you.

Let your freak flag fly.

Don’t hate men, just teach them the perspectives they don’t understand.

Be a woman, be a lady, be crass, be crude, be fancy, be a slob, be pretty, be sexy, be free, be be be…. Just Be.

Happy International Women’s Day.






How to Chase Off a Jehovah’s Witness

Today I chased away a Jehovah’s Witness. Cart, Watchtowers and all…

As they do, one was positioned in front of our shop plaza today.

I thought to myself, “Well they always want us to take their literature, so maybe I’ll give some to them back” (knowing how that would go over).

I printed out my article, “Jehovah’s Witness did not protect children from abuse”, which discusses the Australian Commission that last year found that there were 1,066 perpetrators who hadn’t been brought to law due to the JW “Two-Witnesses” rule. This rule means that a perpetrator will not be brought to justice WITHIN or EXTERNAL to the cult, unless there was 2 witnesses to the abuse. So basically, a child who has had 1 abuser has no recourse, in the church or in law (cos the church is the first point of law for JWs)

“Do you read the news?” I asked the gentleman after shaking his hand and introducing myself. “Sure I do”, he said.

“What do you think about all the child abuse in Jehovah’s Witnesses that’s being brought to justice in Australia?” I asked.

He looked at me with a blank look, “Well, there’s 8 million, JWs, I can’t be concerned with just one abuser,” he replied.

I looked at my article, “What about the 1,006 abusers in Australia that are only NOW being brought to justice because the JWs failed to?”

“I refuse to have this conversation. I don’t know what your point is.”

“You’re sitting here preaching your religion on my business property, so don’t I have a right to ask about the protection of children within your religion?”

I placed my article on the top of the Watchtower magazines on his cart. He picked up the article and threw it at me. “I am not being part of this conversation any longer”.

“Do you want me to leave this article with you so you can read it?” I asked. “No, I won’t read it.”

“I’ll read it to you.” Then I begin soapboxing. I cleared my throat, and began reading from my article, as LOUD AS I COULD muster: “Children are not adequately protected from the risk of sexual abuse in the Jehovah’s Witnesses, a royal commission into child sexual abuse in Australia has found…”

Before I got to “Australia”, he dismantled his JW cart, grabbed all his Watchtowers, and was driving off down the street, likely so I could be reported as an “apostate” to the Huacas Kingdom Hall.

The moral of the story – cults are bad. Very bad.


The Fatherless Couple

Levi and I don’t have fathers in our lives, which is a very sad fact we live with.

My father died a little over 8 years ago of a very tragic illness with cancer. During his last months, we bound together as a family and reveled in our love. We cried together, laughed together, reminisced together, and had true moments of vulnerability when we had some “real talk” with our Dad and we knew that he loved us, accepted us, and would always support us throughout all our decisions, no matter what they were. Although he is gone, there isn’t one day I still don’t feel that unconditional love I had from my father, or think of (and know) what his opinions would be of things. Every day, his support is with me, and he is watching over Levi and me as a couple.

Levi’s Dad, on the other hand, is alive and well, but he is not Levi’s father, nor is he my father-in-law. While we choose to live our lives as simple, art-loving people, who enjoy the earth and the mystery of our existence for what it is, Levi’s Dad has chosen to turn his back on us for his love for “Jehovah”. As a Jehovah’s Witness, he has told Levi that his “lifestyle” has rendered him unworthy of communication with his father and communication with him is a threat to his relationship with Jehovah (God). As a result, he has made the conscious decision, at the advice of his Elders, to cut all ties and communications with his son. He will never talk to his son again as stated in a recent letter. He has made it clear that his relationship with Jehovah is primary and more important than “even family” as he stated.

What a shame, a frustration, and something utterly heartbreaking. As logical and reason-based people, we hold no power against a cult, which a documentary we recently watched described a cult as a “man-made mental illness”. As our little tiny Moodie family, we’ve had to resign ourselves to this, while still being perplexed by how a “lifestyle” of going to the beach, working hard and going to bed by 8pm every night can be a threat to someone’s own personal faith with their Maker.

Despite this all, I’m a very proud to be married to someone who had been “awakened” very early about the cult, and left early enough before he became victim to the same man-made mental illness that the rest of his family has succumbed to (save for his wonderful younger brother Zach and his wife, who we’re proud to share the Moodie name with).

Despite not being shown the love he should have had by his parents, he’s remained one of the most open and loving men in the world. He is curious about my Dad, and in my husband, I see that adage that you marry a guy like your Dad ring true. He’s kind, he’s considerate, he’s caring, he’s open, and has so much love to give, unconditionally. In this way, I feel like the influence of the man my father was has come full-circle to remain a fixture in my life, while we learn from other’s grave mistakes.

It’s a crazy life isn’t it? Love the one you’re with.

Oh, and cults are bad. Don’t join one.