IWD 2020: “I Don’t Care”

Be a “lady” or don’t.

Curse if you want to. Spit if you need to.

Wear lipstick and heels, or wear flannels and Blundstones, I don’t care.

Be courageous.

Be a slut, or keep your body to yourself; it’s yours to do with what you want.

Be emotional, even when society is telling you not to.

Fight the patriarchy.

Dislike your extra flab, but love your body, as she is your temple and she got you here.

Don’t explain or feel you need to justify yourself.

Drive a truck, or a sexy convertible, I don’t care.

Have one lover, multiple lovers, or no lovers at all.

Go for the CEO position, and don’t care who you piss off.

Be a mother, raise your children, and raise them in power.

Be a woman of the universe, and connect with her divinity, as she has some secrets for you.

Be M2F, trans, cross-dressing, stuff your crotch, bind your breasts, take hormones, I don’t care.

Be the woman who builds bridges not creates moats between you and other women.

Be an ally.

Be a bitch.

Be a whore.

I don’t care.

Be shameless and unapologetic.

Speak up when you need to and silence your silencers.

Make connections with women who are different than you.

Let your freak flag fly.

Don’t hate men, just teach them the perspectives they don’t understand.

Be a woman, be a lady, be crass, be crude, be fancy, be a slob, be pretty, be sexy, be free, be be be…. Just Be.

Happy International Women’s Day.






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