19 Years of Cannabis: A Personal Timeline

2001: Smoked cannabis for the first time and nipped my curiosity in the bud. Continued to enjoy it with friends and loved ones, and soon fell in love.

2002: Make friends with all the fellow “stoners” in university, enjoying hotboxing our residence bathrooms when we know we weren’t allowed to smoke weed. Source my cannabis from a silly little kid named Stuart for years. I often wonder what happened to him.

2003: I have my first (and only) situation with cannabis and the cops when I was caught in a closed park with 7 people in my car. “We were just coming out here to chill, officer, I swear” (they took my weed)… no charges… cos, Canada, and you know, privilege.

2004-2007: I make the best of friends in the world, and we’re all united by our mutual enjoyment of cannabis. During these years, we smoked cannabis some pretty ‘dirty’ ways: buckets, bottle tokes or “BTs”, waterfalls, “lungs”, foil pipes, pop can pipes, metal pipes, hot knives… you name it, I smoked it THAT way.

2007-2016: My professional life starts, and I officially go into the cannabis closet. Cos you know, you don’t want to admit you’re the one who lights up a joint at the end of a long work day when everyone else is talking about their bottles of wine. That was a LONG time to live in inauthenticity.

2016: I go it on my own, and dedicate my life to living in 100% authenticity, and begin working in the cannabis industry. I publicly come out of the cannabis closet and announce myself as a successful cannabis smoker. I’m SO well supported, and all the fellow stoners come out of the woodwork.

2016-present: CannaWrite becomes a thing. Like a real, living and breathing thing. I’ve arrived. Work meetings are done over a joint. We’re breaking stigma. I’m with my people. I am a part of seeing so many people find success and fulfillment in this industry. I have access to safe, clean, and beautiful cannabis. My days are filled with the most enriching work projects I’ve ever taken on with some of the most authentic people I’ve ever had the privilege of coming in contact with.

19 years ago it was a decision to become a cannabis user, and it’s been part of my life every single day since. What once was scorned, is now my success.

Everyone who made me the “black sheep” of friend groups, would roll their eyes when I chose a joint over the drink, or used to tell me I’d end up dead in a gutter one day because I was such a stoner… you can eat my dust.

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