No, I’m Not High… Here’s Why

“You must be high all the time…” “How high are you?” “Are you high right now?” are common questions that regular cannabis consumers get from those who don’t consume like us.

Truth be told, I consume cannabis daily, yet to say I’m ever “high” would be an inaccuracy.

This is because the plant feeds my body’s needs via my endocannabinoid system, and does all the incredible things it needs to my body because of the THC and the cannabinoids contained within the plant.

My body (and probably yours too!) is deficient in the naturally occurring endocannabinoids that the body produces – this is why I have troubles with chronic pain, anxiety, appetite, mood, sleep, and a few other things when not medicating.

Keeping on the plant on regular intervals and adding phytocannabinoids (plant-based cannabinoids) keeps me balanced, my body feeling good, my appetite somewhat regular, my sleep regulated, and most of all, I operate at a baseline of “good”.

Sure, there is a bit of a psychoactive effect, but my brain works best on THC – it’s like all the pieces that are scattered around my brain line up, and I’m able to see things clearly. Daily use also builds up a THC tolerance, so I’m never as affected than someone who doesn’t use, using.

Cannabis allows me to operate at my best- stable, balanced, aware, in control, and overall more effective when I’m not using cannabis.

I’m not stoned, fried, baked… I’m healthy all because of this incredible plant the earth gifted us.

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