Be The Hero of Your Own Story: IWD 2019

Normally my International Women’s Day posts shout out all the other amazing women in my life, but this year, I’m celebrating me.

This year, I saved myself. I recognized that where I was, who I was with, and what I was doing was not resulting in the happiness I deserved for my life. Things got really dark for a while and then one day, I booked a plane ticket from Costa Rica back home to Canada with the full intent on saving myself.

I left my husband behind knowing that I was putting myself before our marriage. I recognized that he was not the prince who would save me, and when it came down to it, it was up to me to be the hero of my own story.

I struggled, I cried, I questioned all my decisions, but eventually came to peace with knowing that saving myself was the best thing for me and those I truly love. I let go of the man who had once been my knight in shining armour.

Fast forward 8 months, and I am stronger than ever. I’ve found that happiness within myself again. I have filled my life with people and opportunities that allow me to thrive. I’m where I am supposed to be in BC and on Vancouver Island.

Be the hero of your own story. Don’t rely on the prince or knight to save you. Usually they are just an asshole in tinfoil.

Celebrate yourself this IWD 2019!

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