Canadian Mental Health Association, You’ve Failed Me

Canadian Mental Health Association: I’m another one who has fallen through the cracks.

I no longer have faith in community-based supports for mental health. You either need to pay for it, know someone within the system, or you’re on your own. Why build structures only to let people down when they need you most?

I had such hope for the CMHA. I felt helped in moments of crisis; at times, I felt like I was getting somewhere. But now my file has just gotten lost in the oblivion of other people struggling. Promises for community support has turned into crickets. I’ve been waiting 3 months for a call. Now I just feel forgotten and left to become a statistic. Sometimes I don’t have the strength to be my own advocate. It’s hard to when you’re struggling, and a bit broken, and you’ve already asked for help, and that was a hard thing to do within itself.

Thank goodness I DO have many supports helping to fill in the gaps. I just feel a little lost and jaded by the resources that were supposed to give me hope. Sadly, I’ll be moving to BC without the resources that CMHA had offered me, and were critical to my recovery. Hopefully B.C. will have better supports.

We need more mental health solutions in Ontario, Canada, and the WORLD!

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