My Fucked Up Family True Crime Story

DISCLAIMER: This is an awful story, but it is going to be submitted to the My Favorite Murder podcast soon. It’s a dark and macabre story from within my own family that gives me goosebumps. For people who don’t like true crime or morbidity, move on. For those who thrive off true crime stories, read on.
It was the 1970s, and she (“she” being a cousin by adoption/weirdness within my family) had gotten herself into quite the amount of trouble. Despite being a loved, and lovely young woman, she had fallen into a sketchy crowd, gotten into drugs, and had an extremely abusive boyfriend that made her life miserable.
They were driving down a country road in a truck, at top speeds, like teenagers do. Having a good time, hanging out the back of the truck, hooting and hollering. All of the sudden she was gone.
Her body was flung out of the truck and onto the dirt road at top speeds.
She had died from suicide. Her relationship, and the mental torment that she had gone through had whittled her down. She saw no hope, and saw her opportunity — a life lost too early.
My parents, who were living in Alberta at the time, came home to Sarnia to see the young, beautiful, tortured soul laid to rest.
When they returned to Alberta, their friend asked them, “Weren’t you just at a funeral for a young relative?”… Hesitantly my parents said yes, and were told the news.
Her friends had been caught at the graveyard, digging up the body of the young, beautiful woman. They didn’t get too far before being caught. Luckily, because what they were intending to do was morbid, macabre, and sick.
Their plan was to exhume her, and place her dead body on the lawn of the boyfriend who had tormented her so much, in a sick act of revenge.
They were charged, and the story made the national news. I am going to try to find the archive some day.
I only heard of this story a couple years ago, and naturally, my sisters and I sat there, jaws dropped in disbelief. Of course, while this story is fucked up, sick, and sad, my true crime obsessed feelers went into overdrive, and this is why I’m telling you this story today.

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