10 Ways My Lifestyle Has Drastically Changed By Moving to Costa Rica


Simply, my lifestyle is wonderful in Costa Rica. I work hard. I work probably more hours than I used to in my old work, but it’s different. It’s all different – because life is on my terms.

The journey over our more than a year of being here has been quite the crazy one, where we’ve had to settle in to some pretty big realities of living here, while adapting ourselves to match the lifestyle we came for.

Thinking about it – I haven’t changed much – but I’ve changed the life around me. It’s been a hoot! Here’s the top 10 ways my lifestyle has drastically changed in Costa Rica.


From having a reliable vehicle to only the back of a motorcycle or my own two feet (in the heat!)


From bras and dress codes, to “free the boobies” more days than not and wearing as little material as possible to keep cool, while looking somewhat respectable

Personal Grooming

Blow drying and heat styling to don’t even think about it; I’m fine that I develop a rat’s nest on my head each week; From full face makeup to lashes only most days


From corporate driver to passionate entrepreneur; enough said. My time is my own.



From pretty homogenous groups of people (no matter how much I claimed “diversity” in my previous circles) to meeting and working and living amongst people I would have never had the chance of encountering back home

Home Economics

From having predatory credit always available to credit not being an option; if you don’t have the cash for it, don’t buy it


From forcing myself to sleep before 11pm, with alarm at 7:00am to sleeping when I’m tired and waking up with the sun; From endless fatigue to endless energy (and there’s always naps!)


From always having stores and debit, credit, etc to not really having places to shop for non-novelty items… or a lot of other items you want or “need”.

Work Habits

From working when my hours schedule me to working when my creativity is at its finest… and being involved in the hustle (there’s always a way you can make money!)


From mediocre dining to taste explosions in my mouth that I can’t even handle every night because we spoil ourselves in culinary splendors.


Life is good in Costa Rica!

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