Anam Cara: The Shared Tattoo in my Family

If you look on any of the arms of the 4 Fischer ladies, you’ll see “anam cara” tattooed and for good reason.

Anam Cara, “soul friend” in Irish, has been a family “saying” for many years. We all have a particular love for Ireland, a country where each of the “original 5” Fischers have visited at certain points over the decades. My short-term home once in my life. It was the place that my father got to personally explore “anam cara” during the opportunity to meet with his revered Irish Spiritualist, the late John O’Donohue after a chance encounter in an Irish pub.

“Anam Cara” was what my father named his boat, the boat that he loved and got so much joy from and as we embraced the special term within our Fischer family, it began to mean different things to each of us. For my Mom and Dad, who shared so many loving memories on that boat, it’s representative of their relationship and endless love for each other. After the boat was sold, when my Dad knew his cancer was fatal, the stained glass window with the celtic knot and “Anam Cara” was placed in the window of the house, where it’ll remain with my mom as a special treasure.

For me, “anam cara” meant first being my own “soul friend”. To learn to love myself, learn from my experiences, and stand on my own two feet before finding another version of my anam cara. I got the tattoo at 30, the year that I did a lot of introspection on what I truly wanted out of my life. For myself. Through that special care and attention to being my own anam cara, my path brought me to my anam cara in Levi, who is my soul friend in every way that term should imply.

Every time I look down to my arm and see those beautiful words, all I feel is connection – to my Dad, to myself, to those I love intensely as my soul friends.

I hope you have an anam cara in yourself and in your life. ❤


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