10 Pieces of Wisdom for Those Thinking of Moving Abroad

People often tell me that they wish I had the courage that I did to just pack up my life and move abroad to start fresh in a different country. I’m not going to lie, moving to Costa Rica was the biggest change in my life thus far, and it did take a lot of guts, gumption and a bit of throwing caution to the wind.

I keep telling people that it really isn’t that difficult to do so, and I’ve thought of writing big long “how to” posts about the secrets to moving your life to a different country, but instead, I’ll choose conciseness as my way.

Here are 10 pieces of wisdom I can offer for those thinking of moving abroad:

  1. Don’t ever think you’re “stuck” where you are. If you believe that, you will truly become stuck and unable to uproot yourself.
  2. If your possessions are one of the first things you think about when considering moving abroad, that may mean that your possessions own you rather than you owning them.
  3. Find and nurture what sets you apart from others in your life, both personally and professionally. When you hone what you’ve got, and can build upon the gifts that you’ve been given, you can write your own ticket to professional freedom.
  4. Just because you’ve always been told to do something one way doesn’t mean it’s the only way to do something.
  5. Those who criticize are usually jealous, or regretful of something in their own life. It’s not about you.
  6. There really is no such thing as luck. You make your own luck, and it’s true that luck occurs when opportunity meets preparation.
  7. If you don’t take the risk, or make that leap of faith to do something you’ve always wished you could do, you will regret it. Don’t live with regrets. They hurt your soul.
  8. Even though you may love your job, your coworkers, your salary, and the comfort that your job provides you, don’t pour more energy into it than it provides you in return. Your job won’t be there on your death bed, but your experiences and relationships will.
  9. A child’s education is not best found only in the four walls of a classroom. When you blend your child’s education between formal settings and the world at large, you will give your child the greatest gift you can ever give them.
  10. You only have one life, and you only have one you. Make yourself your most important person, and from that, you’ll find the path in life that makes you the best version of yourself for those who are important to you.

Be the master of your own ship. Pura vida!

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