“Never squeeze the hand of a guitar player”

April 2014(ish) – We had just sat in our seats in Massey Hall in Toronto in anticipation of the show we’d have before us. My sister and I had gotten tickets to see blues guitar legend Buddy Guy.

As we waited for the man with the impish grin to go on stage, we began to chat with the fellow behind us. He was nice enough, enthusiastic, I remember. Smiles from ear to ear.

I looked a few rows back and saw a familiar face. My face dropped.

“Is that Randy Bachman?” having just spotted the Canadian legend of rock music most famous for his role in The Guess Who, a band that had made its way into mine and my sister Alyson Fischer’s many hours together as best friends and sisters.

“No, that’s not him.” the guy said. We went back to our conversation.

All of the sudden, Alyson jumped out of her seat and ran a few aisles back to the familiar man and crouched beside him. I could see her mouth, “Excuse me, are you Randy Bachman?” and he nodded.

The fellow from the row behind us and I ran back with glee. It was Randy after all.

I shook his hand – it was soft, yet his handshake wasn’t strong (and everyone knows how much I love a good handshake). I was shaking, because I couldn’t believe I had rock royalty in front of me. I went on to tell him how his music had been such a part of my life.

The fellow sitting behind us enthusiastically grabbed Randy’s hand. “Nice to meet you sir!”

Mr. Bachman quickly got a disgusted look on his face:

“NEVER squeeze the hand of a guitar player!” he said.

He looked at me and Alyson: “Is this guy with you?”

“No, we don’t know him from Adam, sir.”

“Good,” Randy retorted, and I’m pretty sure he mouthed some sort of expletive under his breath as the fellow walked away in shame.

He looked up at us and we were not sure what he was going to say… “Wanna take a selfie?

randy bachman

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