The Love Stories of London’s Landlords

I was looking for a change in homes, having lived in a townhouse that had gotten “old” and I was looking for a new kind of city life.

In came Kathryn, who was looking to sublet her apartment in the fabulous Wortley Village. I was glad when we connected, because she became a friend that I value to this day.

Those who remember that apartment know that it was a super cool layout, and was perfect for parties, but I had a rather meddling upper neighbour and a horrible landlord who made my stay uncomfortable, so I eventually decided to move out.

While I was still in the apartment for the last month, I went out with my best friend to the Wortley Roadhouse, where I met the eventual love of my life and my now husband Levi.

I decided to move to a new part of the city – Old East Village, and by chance, my friend Paul sent me a listing he had seen. I had ALMOST signed a lease on another place downtown when I looked at the OEV place last minute. It was owned by Alisha and her friend Amy, and I was in love the moment I walked in the door. I signed the lease immediately.

Later that day, I went out to the Wortley Roadhouse and met my new boyfriend Levi’s best friend Jessie. I was hooked. She became one of my best friends in life.

Levi eventually moved into my apartment with me in OEV, and we made that apartment our first home together. As time went on, I developed an awesome friendship with my landlord Alisha, and couldn’t help but think she would be great for Jessie, Levi’s best friend. Turns out they thought so too, and are now one of the BEST couples I’ve known and we consider them family.

Long story short, it’s amazing how connections bring people together.

Kathryn brought me the apartment, that brought me to my Levi, that led me to Jessie, who fell in love with my landlord. This taught me that the universe definitely has a plan for connections and that every person you meet is significant.


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