Our Drive to Work in Costa Rica

We walk out of the house to a wall of heat; welcomed, yet nonetheless taking your breath away a bit. The howler monkeys make themselves known in the trees. We pass about 3 different dogs which are either sleeping on the street or wandering around happily. The smells of the fresh air are sweet and clear.

We get on our dirt road shortcut, and 4 horses canter by us, the little foal running a little faster to keep up with the rest. This area’s kind of roadkill, a dead iguana, lays on the ground, exposing parts of iguana I could have done without seeing. In the pastures, cows huddle under the shade of the trees; only a few are grazing the dry grass in the hot sun. We gasp as people whoosh by on their ATVs and blow up a thick plume of dirt and dust that forces our helmet shields down.

We pass parked cars on the road whose owners have climbed mango trees, eager for the ripest fruits. On the highway into town, we see motorcycles and cars with surfboards strapped on, and they can’t get to the ocean quick enough. Finally, after the sun has taken a bit of an assault on our skin, there she is, the sea, in all her glory. We drive through town, with the smells of sunscreen, BBQ, and salt air now filling our noses. Latin music plays in the shops.

All this on our drive into work.

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