Green Stones from Ireland


I never wanted to have a big wedding, because I knew I couldn’t face a formal ceremony without my Dad there with us. Although I would have been proud to have my Mother walk me down the aisle, it would be really tragic to not have him on my arm that day.

TC, my Daddy, was here with us in every way on our special day. These rocks were polished by him when he took up rock polishing as a hobby in his retirement. The small green one has come everywhere with me since he died in 2009. I often hold it in my hand and rub it’s smooth and rugged surfaces with my thumb; it’s always given me a feeling of peace.

The one with the shamrock had been something my Dad had picked up in Ireland and given to my sister Alyson, who in turn, gave it to us for our travels to Costa Rica. Ireland, of course, is the place that each one of my family has traveled to and built a strong connection to.

These stones were a perfect accompaniment to our St. Patrick’s Day wedding day. In these ways my Dad, Mom, sisters and rest of my family, were here with us. I KNOW that my Dad would have loved Levi and I am sad that they’ll never meet, but I also know that through me, he knows my Dad. I AM him.

I can’t talk about my Dad without mentioning the incredible support of my Mom. In so many ways, my Mother has played the role of Mother and Father to not only me, but Levi as well. She has showered us with love, support and generosity, and has been my biggest support through my whole life.

I get to gain a new family in Levi’s brother and sister-in-law and I can’t be more thankful for the members of the family who have embraced me with love. I can’t wait to build our Moodie family together while hopefully in the future bringing us all together as the big family I’ve always wanted.

Thank you to everyone, especially my family and closest friends, for the wonderful support! We are so happy!

(Photo credit, the talented Greg Horton of Anonymously Abandoned)

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