All Hail the Circadian Rhythm

I never thought I would become the girl who goes to sleep by 8:30pm and is up by 5:30am, but now I am. Why? Because I’ve now allowed my body to take over my schedule because it knows best what I need.

It is amazing when your natural circadian rhythm, our internal system that regulates the body based on light and dark, kicks in and shows you how powerful it is when it’s allowed to do its thing.

I feel more connected to the earth and the moon than I ever have in my life as a result.

I love that I can literally feel my body’s need for rest while also enjoying the natural burst of energy that comes after a natural and restful sleep.

Rest has been achieved when I have enjoyed waking up naturally instead of having the counting down of hours of sleep I have left disturbing my sleep or having the sting of the alarm clock tell me it’s time to be awake before my body is ready. That painful, horrible, inhumane sting.

Rest is essential for physical and mental health; natural rest is even better and I’m acutely aware that natural sleep is a rarity anymore for anyone due to the demands of work, family, stress, etc.

It took me 33 years to listen to my body and what it needed to be at its best and by golly, I think just now I’m catching up on about 20 years of lost rest!

All hail natural sleep.

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