RFP: Build Me a “Block Trump” App

Is there an app for that? Somehow, I don’t think there is this time.

Been searching the Internets for an app of sorts that could block certain keywords on Facebook news feeds, browsers, links, etc from showing up on my computer.

Doesn’t seem to exist.

I am at the point that my personal well being and mental health depends on being ignorant and turning it off.

Standing up to him through my words through online discussion means automatic persecution and debate and overall hate. Opening any news story means that I’ll be sick with sadness with who he is hating by a simple swipe of his pen. Scrolling through my feed has become every other story being about Trump (I’m way guilty too). I miss actually seeing people’s lives. I miss seeing good news stories. I miss feeling as though the world can actually be a better place.

The name “Trump” has come out out my mouth too many times, has been the subject of my writing too many times, and has come into my personal space as a human too many times. Trump has made his way into my work relationships, friendships, family, and most importantly into my partnership.

Can’t get away from the computer because the computer and Internet is my work space. Facebook is where I make my money so that I can live.

How can one EVIL person be affecting so many people, even those who aren’t even under his presidency? What’ll it take to put an end to all this hate, inhumanity and what looks like the decline of Western civilization?

(Side note, if someone wants to build the “Block Donald” app, I’ll do the business side of things and all the marketing.)


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