It’s been a pleasure doing business with you… A wonderful Canadian moment.

I couldn’t have asked for a better night last night in this great country in the final days leading up to my departure. A National Celebration of a Canadian Treasure, of a band whose love for each other and the country is evident through their music and performances.

I felt the spirit of this great country resonate all around me, knowing that millions of other Canadians were uniting to celebrate The Tragically Hip, each with their own memories of The Hip being the soundtrack to the modern Canadian experience.

I’ll take the feeling of last night with me forever in my heart through my travels. I’ll be excited to tell those I meet from around the world of that moment, where Canada stood together, enjoyed our national music, and one of our greatest musicians willed our Prime Minister to do better (and he will). We were all told to “Have a nice life”, by someone whose days on this earth were numbered, but who will be a legacy for this country. What a celebration.

Thank you, fellas, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.


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